Koolpak Reusable Gel Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy

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Gel Pack


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Koolpaks range of reusable hot and cold gel packs are well suited for treating wide range of soft tissue injuries and ongoing chronic conditions. 

Cold Benefits:

  • Helps reduce Swelling and fevers
  • Numbing and cooling effect
  • Treat acute Sports/activity injuries to soft-tissue
  • Freezable

Hot Benefits:

  • Helps increase blood circulation
  • Relaxes, eases and soothes
  • Helps with stiff joints and muscle aches
  • Microwavable


  • Small - 14cm x 13cm (5in x 5.5in)
  • Medium - 12cm x 29cm (5in x 11.5in)
  • Large - 16cm x 28cm (6in x 11in)
  • Physio - 28cm x 36cm (11in x 14in)

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