> Pain relief – applying cold will numb the painful area.
> Reduce swelling – icing will reduce internal bleeding.
> Ease muscle spasm – aid muscle relaxation post-injury.
> Cooling effect – reduce fever or cool down on a hot day.

Cooling Instructions:  

    How To Use A Gel Pack    How To Use A Gel Pack    How To Use A Gel Pack

> Place pack in freezer for approx. 2 hours for optimal usage
> Pack may be stored permanently in freezer for emergency use - defrost for 5 mins
> If pack is not getting cold enough then leave in freezer for longer
> If pack is too solid then leave in freezer for less time

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> Pain relief – applying heat can relieve discomfort in the area of pain
> Ease joint stiffness – improve flexibility by adding heat to your limbs/joints.
> Rapid recovery – increasing blood flow promotes healing of damaged tissue.
> Relaxation – heat therapy soothes and can help alleviate daily stress/anxiety.
> Pack may be heated in microwave or hot water immersion

Microwave Heating:

How To Use A Gel PackHow To Use A Gel PackHow To Use A Gel PackHow To Use A Gel Pack

Heating times are based on 600W microwave. Adjust heating times accordingly to  suit the power of your microwave – this may take a few practices to get right

> Flatten pack and ensure gel is evenly distributed. Place pack in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds.
> Remove pack and test the temperature on the underside of your arm.
> Continue to heat for 10 second bursts until the desired temperature is reached.
> Record the total heating time for your microwave for future use.
> Always heat from room temperature - never from frozen.
> Microwave the gel pack ONLY - not the fabric cover/wrap
> Monitor the gel packs whilst heating. If you observe swelling of the pack turn off the microwave immediately and wait for swelling to subside.
> Insert the gel pack into the mesh pouch of the compress-wrap and velcro shut.
> Do not sit, lean against or lie on the gel pack as breakage/leakage may occur.

Hot Water Immersion:

Boil approx. 4 litres of water in an appropriate pan. Once the water has boiled, remove it from the heat and immerse the pack in the water for approx. 10 minutes. Carefully remove the pack from the water using tongs or other appropriate utensil. Test the temperature of the pack. Heat at 1-minute intervals until the desired temperature is reached.

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Never place pack directly onto skin as extreme temperatures can cause burns.

How To Use A Gel Pack   How To Use A Gel Pack   How To Use A Gel Pack

Visit our Accessories collection for a wide range of protective wraps and sleeves or alternatively wrap in a cloth. Ensure the pack is contoured to the injury site for maximum benefit. An elasticated cover/wrap will further enhance the heating/cooling effect.  Leave the pack on the skin for the medically advised time of 20 minutes. Consult your doctor/physician regarding extended application of hot/cold therapy.


Never place pack direct onto skin - extreme temperatures may cause burns. Always wrap pack in a protective sleeve or wrap. Apply hot/cold pack to the skin for 20 min periods ONLY. You may repeat every 2 hours. Cease use if pack causes discomfort.

If you are affected by circulatory problems, heart problems or diabetes then seek medical advice before application. For external use only. If fluid contacts skin/eyes,  flush with water. If gel is ingested drink plenty of water (not milk) and seek medical  attention. Do not apply the pack to an open wound. Always use gel pack under adult  supervision. Keep out of the reach of small children.

CONTENTS: Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Glycerol, Water. (Gel is non-toxic. The pack may be disposed of in regular household waste.)

IMPORTANT: DO NOT OPEN OR PUNCTURE PACK (Keep away from sharp objects, that includes wedding rings & curious felines!) 


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