GPD Replacement Gel Pack - Medium (14 x 27cm) - 2 Pack

Our premium medium replacement gel pack with non-woven sleeve is perfect for relieving sore muscles or injuries. The non-woven sleeve adds extra comfort and protection. Comes with 2 ice packs - one for cold therapy and one for heat therapy. Simply freeze the cold pack in the fridge for use in reducing inflammation and pain, or heat the other pack in the microwave for use in relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow.
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Product description

Medium (14x27cm) Gel Ice Pack - Perfect for Injuries, Swelling, and Muscle Aches

Combine with our different compress wraps (sold separately) for hot, cold, and compression benefits:

  1. Medium compress wrap
  2. Ankle compress wrap
  3. Knee compress wrap
  4. Elbow compress wrap
  5. Medium with detachable wrap

Keep one in the freezer for use as an ice pack, whilst the other can be left out ready to be microwaved to provide soothing deep heat:

  • Extra gel packs for stiff joints and chronic pain
  • Highly versatile for  hot and cold therapy
  • Market-leading tech with an innovative gel formula
  • Drug-free pain relief and an effective alternative to medications
  • Trusted and used by both medical professionals and athletes

    Medium: 14cm x 27cm

    For full peace of mind, our products are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee. 


    Cold Use
    ▪ Place gel pack in freezer for 2hrs minimum for best results
    ▪ Touch-test the temperature. Freeze further if necessary
    ▪ If too cold allow to thaw for a few minutes prior to use

    Hot Use
    ▪ Heat the gel pack in microwave for 30 seconds
    ▪ Remove and test temperature against skin
    ▪ Massage the pack to spread the heat evenly
    ▪ If not hot enough then heat in 10 sec increments

    ▪ Heating times are based on 800W microwave
    ▪ Adjust heating times accordingly to suit the power of your microwave – this may take a few practices to get right
    ▪ Always heat from room temperature - never from frozen
    ▪ Microwave the gel pack ONLY - never the fabric cover/wrap
    ▪ Monitor the gel pack whilst heating - If you observe swelling of the pack turn off the microwave immediately and wait for swelling to subside
    ▪ Do not sit, lean against or lie on the gel pack as breakage/leakage may occur

    For additional details on using our gel packs, please refer to our step-by-step guide provided here.

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