Large Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack (18x28cm) - Compression Cover and Strap - Back Pain Relief

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  • Description

    3 Products in 1 - Large Premium Hot Cold Therapy Solution for Back Pain Relief 

    Tired of making a mess with bags of frozen peas? Wouldn't you like a simple and more effective way to treat your sore Back? 

    Our gel pack with Back compress wrap takes drug-free injury treatment to the next level. Gelpacksdirect's large premium gel pack is designed for durability and the soft-touch fabric cover provides luxurious comfort and highly effective compression therapy.

    Box contains: 

    + deluxe gel pack (18x28cm) 
    + plush compression wrap (18x30cm pouch with 10x75cm strap) 

    These two superior products have been designed side by side and form the ultimate package for treating soft-tissue injuries and long-term chronic pains: 

    + target pain from a sports injury 
    + soothe everyday aches and pains 
    + maintain flexibility in stiff joints 
    + promote healing of long-term complaints 
    + boost recovery post operation 

    Don't settle for low-spec traditional ice packs. Our Premium Version is made from considerably higher quality materials and is designed to stay colder...for longer. 

    The extra-long elastic strap enables the gel ice pack to be used on almost any body part. Wrap round twice for strong compression on smaller limbs like knees, ankles and wrists. For larger areas such as the neck, shoulders, abdomen and back the strap will stretch around the entire body and Velcro to itself. 

    Instructions: For cold - place in freezer for 2hrs. For warmth - heat in microwave for 30s then further bursts of 10s as required. Do not overheat. 

    For full peace of mind, our products are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee.