Meet Laura Pain - Team GB athlete

by Liz Admin on Feb 19, 2018

Meet Laura Pain - Team GB athlete

Meet Laura Pain - Team Gb Athlete

At Gelpacks Direct we have a passion for sport. Our main focus is injury prevention and products to aid recovery. Nobody understands the importance of recovery better than a GB athlete.

Meet Laura Pain! At 19 Laura has already achieved so much, after an early end to a promising football career due to a medical condition she returned to sport with even greater determination. She is now part of the GB squad, she is the reigning ENYO European Champion and has her sights set firmly on an Olympic medal.

Here's our exclusive interview!

If you could choose 3 words to describe yourself what would they be?

I am outgoing, ambitious and courageous.

Who were your role models growing up and who did you look to for inspiration?

Growing up I've had many different role models, especially in boxing. Seeing Nicola Adams make history in the Olympics is one of the reasons I'm boxing today so she is definitely one I look up to and also, my family. They all teach me that anything is possible.

How and why did you become passionate about your sport?

My passion for boxing came after I stopped kickboxing and stepped into the boxing gym. As soon as I walked through the door I felt a huge buzz and didn’t want to put the gloves down! I have great support from the team around me and this really helps me to focus.

Describe your weekly training regime?

My weekly training regime consists of 3 sessions per day, these are a mixture of strength and conditioning, boxing (bag work and sparring) and running. I also have recovery sessions throughout the week to aid muscle soreness, aches, pains and tendons. I use hot and cold therapy treatment applied with reusable gel packs and compression wraps. 

How do you prepare for a fight?

It is crucial to prepare for a fight in the right way. A lot of training, hard work and dedication has to be done and this is often unseen. Months of hard work leads up to fight night. My diet has to be consistent and I make sure I train as hard as I possibly can and leave no stone unturned. Fight week then consists of small sessions with my coach for technical sessions, and other than that have an early night before the fight!

What thoughts are going through your head before you enter the ring?

Before I enter the ring, there are loads of thoughts running through my head, but the main thing is I know I've trained as hard as I possibly could, it’s time to get the job done!

Do you have an entrance song? What is it and why?

I've used a few different songs to walk out to, my last song was "right here" and I picked that song because it means a lot to me, I’m right here in that moment.... plus, I love Jess Glynne!

What are the benefits of boxing?

There are many benefits for your health, whether you are looking to fight or not. There is the element of self –defence, the fitness, the discipline and also many life skills, such as confidence and meeting new people.

What would be your advice to anyone thinking of taking up the sport?

My advice to anyone starting up boxing would be to have fun. Whether they start up to keep fit, or to compete, you need to enjoy yourself because it’s a fantastic sport. The more you enjoy it, the better you become. I would also say that there are no limits, you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it and work hard!

What are your personal goals for 2018?

In 2018 I will be having a lot of fights, and hopefully will win a few championships along the way.


Our team here at Gelpacks Direct look forward to supporting Laura in her quest for an Olympic medal. If you're feeling inspired by Laura, click here for our latest offer, a bundle of products tailored to support a boxing training regime.