Premium Boxing Bundle - Collection of Superior Pain Relief Products

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    Premium Hot/Cold Therapy Boxing Bundle

    Has your boxing training/last match left you tender? Need a simple and effective way to treat your injuries?

    Our bundle’s superior products have a variety of benefits to help with your recovery

    • Instant Ice packs and elasticated cold bandage are ready to use (no refrigeration/freezing)
    • Instant ice packs are great for emergency first-aid ringside treatment.
    • The cold bandage and cooling gel are small, lightweight and easily carried around with you.
    • The cold bandage is a stretchy material can easily fit around any part of the body
    • The cooling gel starts to work quickly to relieve aches and pains.
    • The gel bead pack remains flexible at low temperatures and mould easily around your limbs
    • The clay-based back’s larger pack size and clay material help it to retain heat for longer
    • Gelpacksdirect’s ankle pack applies effective compression therapy.

    Bundle Contains:

    • 1 BIOFREEZE Cold Gel (118ml
    • 1 Dynamik Back Hot/Cold Clay pack & Neoprene Wrap (Pack – 28x18cm|Cover - 28cm Length)
    • 1 Gelpacksdirect Ankle Hot/Cold Gel Pack & Compress Wrap (Pack – 26x13cm|Strap - 50x8.5cm)
    • 1 KOOLPAK Elasticated Cold Bandage (5cm x 2 Meters)
    • 3 KOOLPAK Sports Single Use Instant Ice Packs (15x23cm)
    • 1 THERAoPEARL Gel Beads Pack with Strap for Ankle/Wrist (14x4cm)

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