Maintaining Healthy Relationships

by Chloe Simkiss on Nov 03, 2020

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship Tips During Lockdown

Posted by Chloe Simkiss | Nov-2-2020


Since lockdown started back in March, so much has changed in our lives. We have all had to adjust to the new normal and it’s not been easy on any of us. Being surrounded by your loved ones can have it’s benefits, but seeing the same faces, accompanied by the same four walls every day, can also be challenging!

There are oodles of things you can do to keep your relationships flourishing, so whether it’s your partner, your kids or even your housemates you’re locking down with, take a browse for some healthy relationship tips!

Do some joint activities

There are countless things you can do with the people you live with that can help bring a feeling of normality back to your day-to-day life…

  • Play games. There are plenty of games you can play together to keep yourselves busy. Why not split your family into teams and have a games night! Or try a murder mystery evening with friends or family online.
  • Cooking. You could take it in turns to choose a recipe and cook for others in your household or even compete against other households to win the title of zoom ‘come dine with me’ champion. Get creative in the kitchen and show off your culinary skills.
  • Take an online course. There are endless free courses available online featuring all sorts of topics. Why not learn a new language together!
  • Date nights. If like us, you’ve spent the majority of lockdown in jogging bottoms, then use date night to put on a dress, or smart trousers and a shirt. Open a bottle of your favourite wine and try a candle lit dinner.

Make future plans

Why not start planning a trip to a destination you've always wanted to visit? This gives the whole family something to look forward to, and let’s face it, there are some fantastic deals out there at the moment! You can create a wish list of the activities you’d like to do when you’re there, showing your loved ones that there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. Try to be a source of good news and positivity!

Give each other space

Having some time alone to focus on your own needs and wants is important as it can help to reduce the stresses of life during these challenging times. Taking and giving time for things is essential. You could try:

  • Meditate. The simple act of being present in the moment helps you feel calm, reduce anxiety and manage stress.
  • Limit time on screens. Set aside time to unplug and switch off as this can increase interaction with the people in your household and will help with your sleeping pattern. For more on a good nights sleep check out this.
  • Exercise. You could go on a walk with your dog or just put in your headphones, blast some tunes and go for a run!
  • Light some candles, run a bath and relax while reading your favourite book.

Maintain as much routine and normality as possible

It is vital to identify a morning routine, set specific meal times, ensure you have a definite end point to the working day and a calming bedtime. If you are in isolation, social distancing or not working, it’s easy to slip into bad habits such as not getting dressed, snacking at irregular times or letting the days and evenings merge into one. It may be good to make a daily schedule for the whole family, make it together and stick it to the fridge door where we all seem to be making more trips to!

Send a care package or letter

One aspect that many people are struggling with is the lack of physical human contact. One way to maintain this is to send something nice to the people you care about most.Whether it’s a hand-written letter or a care package, sending a surprise to your loved ones is very easy now with amazon next day delivery!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Healthy conflict is something that all strong relationships need. Whether it’s with a friend, partner, or family member, it’s important to talk about issues openly. Sometimes, you’re going to need to let minor things go as we all need to be a bit understanding of the people around us. If you ever feel overwhelmed let your family/partner know that you need a moment and space instead of storming off.

Life may seem pretty uncertain these days, but it’s our relationships that make it easier. Whether you’re living with your loved ones or having to remain socially distant, there are challenges. But learning healthy relationship tips and ways to deal with your situation can make things seem more manageable.

For more ideas on how to stay busy in lockdown take a look at this!


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