Premium Hot Water Bottle with Winter Warmer Novelty Fun Cover 1 Litre

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Full Size Rubber Hot Water Bottle with Winter Warmer Novelty Fun Cover 

Get through these long winter nights with our warming hot water bottle in your bed or simply use one as a cosy cushion to hug and feel the soothing warmth. 

There's something homely about the traditional hot water bottle. We have sourced the best quality covers that feel lovely and soft on your skin.
Box contains: 

+ rubber hot water bottle (1 litre) 
+ winter warmer novelty fun cover  

These incredibly flexible products may be used to help out with a wide range of every day household needs: 

+ warm your bed 
+ soothe everyday aches and pains 
+ maintain flexibility in stiff joints 
+ ease menstrual cramps 
+ use cold like an ice pack  

These luxury hot water bottles make the perfect Christmas Gift or stocking filler. 

Instructions: For warmth - add warm water. Never use freshly boiled water as this can scald if spilt. For cold - only half-fill the bottle with water and place in freezer for 2hrs. 

For full peace of mind, our products are covered by a 24-month money-back guarantee.