Gelpacksdirect - Hot Cold Gel Pack Elbow Compress - Tennis and Golf Injuries
Gelpacksdirect - Hot Cold Gel Pack Elbow Compress - Tennis and Golf Injuries

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Premium Hot Cold Therapy Solution for Elbow Pain Relief

Tired of making a mess with bags of frozen peas? Wouldn't you like a simple and more effective way to treat your sore limb(s)?

Our hot and cold elbow wrap takes drug-free pain relief to the next level. Gelpacksdirect's premium hot & cold pack is designed for durability and the soft-touch fabric cover helps to keep the gel pack in place, allowing you to continue about your business, unhindered.

Included in Box:

+ deluxe gel pack (14x27cm)
+ plush elbow compression wrap (14x30cm pouch with 10x65cm strap)

These two superior products have been designed side by side and form the ultimate package for treating soft-tissue injuries and long-term chronic pains:

+ target pain from a sports injury
+ soothe everyday aches and pains
+ maintain flexibility in stiff joints
+ promote healing of long-term complaints
+ boost recovery an accident

Don't settle for low-spec traditional ice packs. Our Premium Version is made from considerably higher quality materials and is designed to stay colder...for longer.

This product may be used to treat:

+ Golfer's Elbow
+ Tennis Elbow
+ Bicep Tendon Rupture
+ Arthritis
+ Bursitis
+ Tendonitis
+ Other elbow injuries

Instructions: For cold - place in freezer for 2hrs. For warmth - heat in microwave for 30s then further bursts of 10s as required. Do not overheat.

For full peace of mind, our products are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee.