Gelpacks Direct Premium Large Reusable Microwave Heat Pack with Plush Lambswool Fleece Cover

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  • Description

    Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack with Premium Lambswool Fleece Cover for Period Pain Relief

    ✅ Our large reusable hot cold gel ice pack for back holds more gel than most competitors’ heat packs, providing longer heat retention
    ✅ Unlike with a traditional hot water bottle, there is no risk from scalding water. The reusable heat packs for back pain are microwave and freezer safe and will remain flexible when frozen.
    ✅ Our reusable heat pads provide drug-free back injury and pain treatment
    ✅ Using the lambswool fleece cover adds a soft-touch protective layer helping to prevent burns
    ✅ Our premium microwave heating pad for back has a longer durability and is mess and leak proof with a reinforced double welded seam and sturdy outer nylon material

    The large warming pad has been designed for flexibility allowing the pack to conform to the shape of your body while the fleece cover provides a comfortable and soft-touch protective barrier

    The heat pad can be used for both hot and cold treatment, simply pop in the microwave or cool in the freezer.

    Using as a gel ice pack helps to reduce swelling and numb the painful area 

    Using as a heating pad helps to ease severe menstrual cramps and relax stiff joints and muscles

    Box Contains:
    + deluxe gel pack (18x28cm) 
    + Lambswool Fleece Cover (18x30cm)