Dynamik Ice Bag Medium (20cm) with Neoprene Compress Wrap

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Ice Bag + Wrap


elasticated, elbow, knee, neoprene, thigh, wrap




The Dynamik ice bag and neoprene wrap has been designed to give hands free hot or cold therapy to joints.


  • reduces pain, swelling or stiffness and promotes healing. 
  • ideal for treatment of arthritis, bursitis and other related joint pains. 
  • Fill the durable bag with ice cubes, cold water or warm water (60*C recommended)
  • Place the bag onto the effected area to improve recovery 
  • Pleated design allows the bag fabric to conform to the contours of the body 
  • The bag is reusable and economical and easy to - use for all body parts. 

The wrap secures in place with velcro and is one size fits all, making it suitable for both adults and children and even for use on other joints beside just the knee. 

The ice bag is removable which means it can be used on any other part of the body without the need for the wrap and can be left in the freezer to chill without taking up lots of space. 

Ice Bag 20cm diameter
Neoprene Wrap 20 x 75cm