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by Mark Woo on Mar 28, 2019

Gel Bead Technology

Posted by Mark Woo | MAR-27-2019

The technology contained in every gel bead pack is an innovative approach to an age-old therapy. Taking influence from the traditional method of using a bag of frozen peas to apply cold therapy, gel bead packs were designed with the customer in mind.


Easily conforms to body


Whether chilled or heated, the gel bead packs conveniently hold their temperature for the medically advised time of 20 minutes and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains.

Easily pliable when chilled or frozen, the gel bead technology can reach cold enough temperatures to effectively provide localised pain relief, whilst also maintaining a degree of flexibility that more traditional gel packs simply cannot achieve. Gel beads packs will stay soft and smooth on your skin.

When conveniently heated in a microwave, the gel bead pack is the perfect solution to relax your muscles and encourage blood flow and healing. Delivering consistent heat therapy directly to your desired relief area without a mess.

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