Why use a gel pack?

by Tia Patel on Aug 05, 2020

Why use a gel pack?

Why use a gel pack?

Posted by Tia Patel | AUG-05-2020

No more balancing mushy veg on your knee whilst watching your favourite TV show. Put your feet up in style and recover with the best!

How do Gel Packs help?

Our gel packs are a cost effective 3-in -1 recovery product and are completely drug-free! Using hot and cold therapy has been proven to significantly improve healing and recovery times for both soft-tissue and acute injuries.

Benefits of Using Cold Therapy

  • Pain relief - applying cold will numb the painful area
  • Reduce swelling - icing will reduce internal bleeding
  • Ease muscle spasm - aid muscle relaxation post-injury
  • Cooling effect - reduce fever or cool down on a hot day

Benefits of Heat Therapy

  • Soothing effect - applying heat can relieve discomfort to joints and muscles
  • Ease joint stiffness - improve flexibility by adding heat to your limbs/joints
  • Rapid recovery - increasing blood flow promotes the healing of damaged tissue
  • Relaxation - heat therapy soothes and can help alleviate daily stress and anxiety

Benefits of Using a Compression Wrap

You should never apply a gel pack directly to the skin. We recommend the use of our specialised compression wraps whenever using hot or cold gel packs. The benefits of using a compression wrap are;

  • To reduce the risk of heat or ice burns
  • Soft-touch material provides a comfortable feel
  • The elasticated strap provides compression therapy
  • The Velcro attachment secures the gel pack in place

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