#TeamGPD Christmas Gift Guide

by Tia Patel on Nov 26, 2020

#TeamGPD Christmas Gift Guide

#TeamGPD Christmas Gift Guide

Posted by Tia Patel | Nov-30-2020

Lockdown has been hard for everyone but it's important to stay positive! It’s always good to have something to look forward to so with Christmas fast approaching, we’ve worked our christmas magic and sorted your festrive shipping list for you! We’ve rounded up our top five swim bike and run goodies to gift the sporting athletes in our lives. You’re welcome 😉


1. Changing Towel Surf Poncho - Is it a towel? Is it a poncho? Is it a hoodie? It's actually all of them! This microfibre towelling robe is perfect to throw over your head so you can discreetly slip out of your wet gear into your comfies without trying to find somewhere quiet. Ideal for anyone who is in and out of water frequently. Shop Here

2. Swim Buoy - This highly visible inflatable buoy will ensure anyone using it stays safe as it is easily identifiable. It is quick and convenient and could be a lifesaver! A good gift idea for anyone taking up open water swimming or thinking about training for their first triathlon. Shop Here

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3. . Underwater Audio Swimbuds - Beat the boredom of lane swimming! These waterproof headphones have been designed to stay put and feature a short cord to reduce drag. They are a great present for anyone who has an active lifestyle and loves to listen to music while swimming! Shop Here


4. Gel Pack - Swimmers often suffer from shoulder and neck pain and want to recover quickly. Recover Better with our best selling multi-purpose gel pack and wrap.These are the perfect stocking filler idea to help with stiffness, tension or muscle strain. Use as an ice pack immediately after your session to relieve pain or use as a heat pack to accelerate healing times.

Multi-purpose Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Ice Pack (13x26cm) with Compress Wrap - Gelpacks Direct
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5. Nike Swimmers Backpack - This bag is specially designed for wet swim clothes. It features an insulated side pocket for storage and an adjustable side pocket that is ideal for goggles or a water bottle! Shop Here


1. Cycling Gloves

For many cyclists, gloves are as essential as padded bib shorts and a cycling jersey. Reasons for wearing gloves included enhanced grip and control on the handlebars, extra cushioning with padded and gel inserts, protection for your hands in case of a crash, and something to wipe a snotty nose with! These are a great stocking filler with updated thick soft fleece lining, elastic cuff and splash-proof to lock temperature inside the gloves for better heat preservation, perfect for cycling. Shop Here

2. Gel pack - Use our 3 in 1 gel pack to reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the most common cycling injuries including your neck, back and arms.


Gelpacksdirect Luxury Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Pack for Pain Relief - Gelpacks Direct
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3. On Your Bike by United Oddsocks - Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without socks! The emergency gift for dad’s, brother’s, uncle’s and second cousins twice removed! With six pairs of novelty socks, you can be reminded of your favourite pastime every time you tie your shoes, every day of the working week!

4. Feel more comfortable during those long winter rides, the VC Winter Skull Cap is the best under helmet hat made of thermal fleece material to keep your head warm. The ergonomic multi-panel design is longer in the back and reaches the jacket collar, in order to protect your neck. Shop Here

5. Rehook

Bike maintenance on the fly! As seen on BBC Dragons Den, rehook is the perfect addition to any cycle tool kit. Rehook is the perfect stocking filler and takes seconds to fix a dropped chain, jam or chain suck. Shop Here



1. Tile - If you know a runner who is constantly losing their keys on the trail (or phoning you when they're locked out of the house), this will make their life a lot easier! The Tile connects to your phone, allowing you to find your keys on a map. You can also set up alerts to remind you when you've left your keys behind. Shop Here


2. LED Light Clip - Be seen, be safe! We are always advocating the importance of run safety and this little gem of a gift is a great gift for trail runners and run commuters alike. This can be clipped onto any item of clothing or bag very easily. It lasts for 70 hours if kept on the permanent setting, or 100 hours when flashing. Shop Here

3. Instant Ice packs - Whether you have runner's knee, have torn a ligament playing sport or are recovering from a knee operation, this is the perfect product to aid your recovery and get you back on your feet. The Gel pack is a simple and effective way to treat your aches and pains.

Dynamik Hot/Cold Clay Pack with Neoprene Wrap for Lower Back and Abdominal Pain Relief - Gelpacks Direct
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4. Kalenji Soft Flask - Staying hydrated on your run helps to optimise your performance but taking a plastic drinks bottle on your long run isn’t ideal! Here’s the solution! The sports cap on this flask twists to lock and unlock, so you can stuff them in a running belt or bag safe in the knowledge that they won’t leak, and the flasks shrink as you drink, making it easy to squeeze every last drop out!  Shop here

5. Why not give Safety Skin a go. We love this product! This is a reflective roll on, applied just like Body Glide so you can swipe reflective stripes directly onto your skin wherever you want them. When headlights hit the coating it lights up with a strong glow, making sure you’re seen. Made with a hypoallergenic wax base, it’s also rain and sweat resistant so you can run in all conditions and it’ll still do its job. Shop here

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Well, we think there are few gadgets here that will definitely be going on our own Christmas wish lists!

Happy shopping!



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