How PT's help you to stay motivated

by Chloe Simkiss on Mar 01, 2021

How PT's help you to stay motivated

How PT's help you to stay motivated

Posted by Chloe SImkiss | MARCH-1-2021

With the run up to summer well under way and a light at the end of the tunnel now is a great time to start thinking about becoming the best version of yourself! A PT is a great option to keep your motivation up when you are struggling. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, train for an event or just build confidence personal trainers can help inspire and motivate you towards achieving your goals!


Tips to increase Motivation.

Fitness motivation tips you can use right away:

1. Try using fitness challenges

Why does it work? Well the competitive element can make any workout fun! And it creates a structure for you to follow. By cutting up goals in small, achievable challenges, reaching a specific target won’t be hard for you to attain. The instant gratification from completing a small task has a trickle-down effect by making you confident and happy to fulfil any larger fitness goals you have.

2.Use Personal Training Apps

Apps for personal trainers are simple, powerful, and effective solutions to improve motivation. An app can help you to track your progress. Through your app’s features, you can directly communicate with your PT who can keep reminding you of your fitness goals!

3. Be Positive

When communicating with your PT, always try to keep a positive attitude. If you both have a smile on your face it is a good way to boost self-esteem. Focus on the progress you have made instead of what you still need to accomplish. Believe in the “you can do it!” motto.

4.Set Realistic Goals

Remember to set attainable goals. Otherwise, you'll soon lose your motivation. Ask your PT to help you formulate your goals - this is the first step to success.

Make sure the goals are realistic, attainable, and set deadlines. Talk to your PT about your wishes, and they can help turn these into measurable milestones. PT’s will help to measure your progress, and show it to you as often as possible, to remind you that your hard work is paying off.

Are personal trainers worth it?

Benefits of PT’s

  • They aim to develop a trusting relationship with patients. Almost everyone is more likely to follow professional advice if they like, respect, and trust their provider. PT’s support and encouragement can help you accomplish your goals and improve your confidence in treatment and recovery.

  • Incentives are a great motivational tool used by PT's. They will spend time finding the right incentive for you which could require some creative thinking and an understanding of what motivates you to accomplish your goals and fingers crossed, help you towards a behaviour change.

  • Provide a clear direction. They can provide written instructions, printed handouts and digital directions to help reinforce the fitness plan. They could even create a video of your routine to reference and show progress over time.

Above all, a positive mental attitude, displayed by both parties can work magic! Celebrate every win, no matter how small! (and probably don’t celebrate with a glass of wine and a cheeseburger!) Your PT will not thank you for it! By using a PT and mixing these elements in your training programmes, it’ll become easier to stay consistently motivated and get the results you desire.

Set your fitness goals now and be beer garden ready by April!

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