Dads who run

by Tia Patel on Jun 16, 2020

Dads who run

Dads who run

Posted by Tia Patel | JUN-16-2020

It’s a familiar “dad move” to sit on the sofa whilst watching sport, telling you stories about the greatest sporting events from when they were younger.

Our parents have always been our role models, keeping us fit and healthy,even when we didn’t want to go on that family walk because it wasn’t cool to be seen out on the streets with our parents as a teenager! Inspiring our children to be active and get involved in sport is key to preventing childhood illness, promoting good mental health and building social skills.

With father's day approaching we spoke one of our #TeamGPD members, Harry Gillan A.K.A @fatdadtorunner to find out about his journey into running and fitness.


We love your instagram username, where did the idea for the name come from?

I started this account as more of a diary to keep me accountable for my training for the London marathon last year so the account started as @fatdadtolondonmarathon. Then after the marathon, I knew I was going to carry on running so changed it to what it is now.

What inspired you to start running?

As a child I remember watching the London Marathon on TV every year thinking I’ll do that one day.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey into running?

In 2012, after my 4th rejection from the London Marathon ballot, I signed up to run the Brighton Marathon and absolutely fell in love with running from then on. I ran Brighton Marathon in 2013 then the London Marathon in 2014 a number of half marathons up until 2015 and my daughter was born 3 days later. I didn’t run again until 2018 and in that time I had put on nearly 3 stone. My wife and I had been trying for our 2nd child for quite some time. During a doctor's appointment we talked about how a healthier lifestyle could help. So I went away and searched for a charity to run the London Marathon. Luckily a charity that I had briefly worked for many years earlier had a spot and I jumped at the opportunity. In 2019 my son was born and our family was complete.

What advice do you have for any dads looking to start running?

My biggest advice is to try and run at times that don’t affect time with the kids. So during the week I tend to run after they are in bed or before I go to work so that I still get as much family time as possible.

What benefits have you seen from running?

The biggest benefit I found from running was joining my local running club. There is always someone to go out for a run with. It’s always better running with someone else than on your own.

Has having children changed your view on fitness?

I love taking my daughter and pushing her in the running buggy at parkrun and cannot wait to be able to take my son too. Running is what keeps me physically and mentally healthy, it allows me to be the best dad I can be to my two children.

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