TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap - Hot/Cold Gel Bead Pack

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Gel Pack + Wrap


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Therapearl Hot/Cold Gel Beads Pack - Ankle/Wrist

Tired of making a mess with bags of frozen peas? Wouldn't you like a simple and more effective way to treat your ankle pain? 

TheraPearl combines the healing power of Hot Cold therapy into one convenient pack. Enjoy extraordinary relief from your everyday aches and pains and feel the optimal therapeutic benefit as the Pearl Technology conforms to your body. 

Box contains: 

+ TheraPearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap

Intended Use: 

+ target pain from a sports injury 
+ soothe everyday aches and pains 
+ reduce ankle/wrist swelling 
+ promote healing of long-term complaints 
+ boost recovery post operation 

Reusable therapeutic hot and cold pack for use with common aches, pains, swelling and bruising. Packs are designed to retain a therapeutic temperature for approximately 20 minutes.

Instructions: For cold - place in freezer for 2hrs. For warmth - heat in microwave for specified time on packaging. Do not overheat. 

For full peace of mind, our products are covered by a 12-month money-back guarantee.