Hotteeze Self-Adhesive Stick-on Heat Pad for Feet

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Hotteeze Long Lasting Single Use Stick-on Heat Pad for Feet

These pair of feet heat pads is the perfect solution to keep warm during this cold winter weather. Unlike gel or wheat packs which are bulky these are thin and discreet while lasting for hours. 


+ 5 Hours of soothing heat
+ Pads are thin and flexible
+ Can be used with most shoe types
+ Helps with stiffness and tension in muscles.
+ Soothes, relaxes and eases muscle pains


DO NOT STICK ON SKIN - only to be used on OUTSIDE of sock
+ Do not use with SKI boots, slippers, sandals, tight , over sized or hard to remove shoes
+ Do not use on babies or people who cannot remove on their own
+ Do no use while sleeping, exercising or near a heat source
+ Not recommended for pregnant women, sufferers of diabetes, circulatory, mental or nervous disorders. (If in doubt consult a doctor)
+ Keep out of reach of children and pets