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In our web-exclusive runner’s bundle, you will discover our hand-picked selection of premium products to keep you on track for that PB!

This perfect package for runners is designed to maintain your energy levels, whilst optimising your recovery times… so you can push harder and go further.

What’s in our Running Bundle?

Multi-purpose Hot/Cold Compress Wrap (Medium)

  • 1 x reusable gel pack (13 x 26cm)
  • 1 x compression wrap (65cm length strap)
  • 1 x non-woven sleeve

  • 1 x reusable gel pack (18 x 28cm)
  • 1 x compression wrap (75cm length strap)
  • 1 x non-woven sleeve

Small Hot/Cold Gel Pack

  • 1 x reusable gel pack (14 x 14cm)


drug-free pain relief
faster recovery
gel remains flexible when frozen
alternate heat/ice (doctor recommended)
wrap provides compression therapy
pack held in place keeping hands-free
range of sizes to suit all body parts

High 5 Energy Gels (5-pack)

  • Assorted flavours including orange, citrus, banana, mojito and summer fruits.
  • 23g of carbohydrate per gel serving.
  • provides immediate burst of energy
  • award-winning and race proven
  • smooth with a light consistency
  • not thick or overly sweet
  • real fruit juice

High 5 Zero Electrolyte Tabs (20-tabs)

  • 1 tube (20 tablets) makes upto 15 litres of drink
  • 1-2 tablets makes a 750ml serving
  • suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • light and refreshing sports drink with a hint of fruit
  • including Vitamin C and 5 electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium and potassium
  • zero calories
  • suitable for a wide range of sporting activities
  • with natural flavours. No artificial colours or preservatives

Gelpacks Direct Water Bottle

  • 600ml water bottle with lockable mouth-piece

Gelpacks Direct Drawstring Bag

  • large nylon bag to keep all your recovery products safe