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Large Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Ice Pack (14x28cm) with Compress Wrap

Dynamik Products worked closely with therapeutic professionals to design this Hot/Cold Gel Pack with Compression Cuff. 

  • Helps to reduce pain and discomfort 
  • Flexible gel conforms to shape of your body 
  • Fully reusable and designed to last
  • Elasticated strap keeps the pack in place against body 
  • One size fits most 

Hot/Cold Therapy is recommended for exercise or lifestyle-related muscle aches and pains, as well as long-term joint complaints. Its benefits include: 

+ Pain relief 
+ Increase blood flow 
+ Numbs the painful area 
+ Reduce fevers or simply cool down 
+ Ease joint stiffness  

Included in box: 
- 30 x hot/cold packs (28x14cm) 
- 30 x pouches with elastic straps (28x14cm pouch, 10x65cm strap)