Dynamik Soft-Touch Silica Bead Heat Pack with Rope Handles for Pain Relief (58x11cm)

Brand: Dynamik Products

Product Code: DYN-SIL-ROPE

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  • Description

    The Dynamik soothing heat pack is perfect for soothing muscle aches and tension

    • HOT or COLD: Heat in microwave or chill in the freezer
    • Contains no wheat or chemicals - Unfragranced
    • Rope handles allow for varying amounts of pressure to be applied while also making for a great help in stretching! 
    • Cold - reduce swelling and body temperature 
    • Heat - helps to increase circulation, ease muscle tension and stiffness


    Cold: Place wrap in a sealed plastic bag before placing in the freezer.

    Hot: Wrap should be evenly distributed and turntable able to turn freely. Heat in microwave 800W - 2 mins, 800W+ - 1min 30 secs. Touch test before application, if more heat is required the heat in 20-second increments

    Heat wrap best suited to small lady (58cm x 11cm)