A selection of instant heat pack/pads that can be used at your convenience.

Instant heat packs simply squeeze and knead, and the pack becomes warm in seconds. 

Instant heat packs simply peel off the back of the bad and stick to are of clothing over desired area

Heat packs can be used to treat stiff joints, aches, pains and chronic illness. Our instant packs are ideal for travel.



Instant Heat Packs

Koolkids Instant Hot pack for kids are the perfect product for any school, nursery or home. Fun Novelty Design - Bumpy...
Hotteeze Long Lasting Single Use Stick-on Heat PadThis heat pad is the perfect solution for helping with cramps and generic muscle...
The perfect product for all sports teams, clinics and physiotherapists. Wider bag width allows for use on most body...
Hotteeze Long Lasting Single Use Stick-on Heat Pad for FeetThese pair of feet heat pads is the perfect solution to keep...
Hotteeze Long Lasting Hand WarmerThis heat pad for hands is the perfect solution to keeping your hands and fingers warm during this...
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