What to do when you’ve dropped something on your foot?

What to do when you drop something on your foot?

Posted by Chloe SImkss| Dec-2020


The festive period is a time for family, friends and happiness. The worst thing most people face is a bit of digestive discomfort from overeating, however, as the Christmas season rolls around, websites and cookbooks are overflowing with tasty, Christmas recipes, but they don't show the hazardous side to festive feasts! It seems there are many injuries that only come at this time of year! From a survey of 2000 people - Nearly half (49%) of those preparing Christmas food have suffered an accident (National Accident Helpline).


Frozen turkey to the toe

Frozen turkeys have four distinct drawbacks. They are big, heavy, awkward and slippery. Couple this with the fact the people carrying them around on Christmas Day are almost definitely stressed, impatient and probably full of festive liquor…..... you have the perfect recipe for several kilograms of frozen bird to fall on your toes or feet. Ouch!

When should you ice your swollen toes and how to reduce swelling?

Brand new injuries such as swelling and soreness on foot will benefit from being iced as soon as possible. Follow the R.I.C.E. technique;

R – Rest a swollen or newly injured foot.

I – Ice the foot and swollen toes for 5-10 minutes. Do not exceed 20 minutes as there is a risk of skin and nerve damage beyond 20 minutes.This will help reduce swelling.

C – Since compression is helpful for reducing swelling and supporting a newly injured foot, wrap gel pack’s direct ice pack around the toes using the compression bandage, and then circling the foot. Try our premium gel pack here.

E – Elevate the injured foot to assist the body in the healing process. The foot should be elevated above the heart, ideally propped on a few pillows while you are lying down.

Remember that cold therapy is not a cure-all. So if your symptoms persist, make an appointment with your doctor to have your injury properly diagnosed and analysed.

As you prepare for the festive period, remember that the potential for accidents is all around, so take your time when you're in the kitchen cooking up a feast and don’t over do it. It’s all about elf and safety!


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